Tournament Eligibility

  1. All Players in a M.O.M.A. Dart Association tournament must be from a team in a league run by a chartered member in good standing with the M.O.M.A. and M.O.M.A. Dart Association. (Run being defined as: A league in which the week to week statistics are compiled by the league office of that charter operator/coop league system or an authorized representative of that charter operator/coop league system.)

  2. All players/teams must compete during regular league play on machines owned and operated by a chartered M.O.M.A. Dart Association member. In a coop league or use of a sub-contractor league coordinator, all players/teams must be sponsored at M.O.M.A. Dart Association tournaments by the chartered M.O.M.A. Dart Association member that owns the dart machines that the players/teams’ league play is played on.
  3. All participants must be of legal drinking age (21) and comply with the regulation of the locality and state in which they compete in leagues.

  4.  For the open Team events, you can use 3 regulars from a team and 1 sub to make up the team.  They must be taken from that operator's league system and have played 48 games in no less than 8 weeks of league play, from one season only. “NO COMBINING OF SEASONS”.    Teams wishing to enter without 3 original members may do so, providing all 4 players have a minimum of 96 games played in no less than 12 weeks of league play. Stats can be taken from 1 calendar year for eligibility.

  5. For team events, stats may not be combined from different leagues (except in the 96 T.G.P.B format) or league seasons to be eligible. In doubles events, stats may not be combined from different league seasons to be eligible.

  6. Players from two person team format leagues will be eligible for singles and doubles events, if all other eligibility requirements are met. Two Teams from two person team format leagues may form a four person team if all other requirements are met. Must have played 48 games in no less that 8 weeks of league play from on season. “NO COMBINING SEASONS”.   However, no other substitutes will be allowed.

  7. You no longer have to play in a actual mixed league to be eligible to play in a mixed event at state. Providing all 4 players have a minimum of 96 games played in no less than 12 weeks of league play.  Stats can be taken from 1 calendar year for eligibility.

  8. Singles and Doubles events entrants must have played 48 games in no less than 8 weeks of league play. From one season only, “NO COMBINING SEASONS”.   Players can merge from any league as long as it is from that operator’s league system.
  9. Current, up-to-date, complete stats with the highest P.P.D. or M.P.R., as well as the highest total games played must be submitted, not just the minimum T.G.P. (All players must be entered at their highest known player skill rating.)


    Required Statistics: Statistics based on actual darts thrown, using Points per Dart and Marks Per Round rating systems are the only accepted formats for tournament eligibility.
    *Points per Dart: The player skill rating for ’01. The calculation is total points scored Divided by total darts thrown.*Marks per Rounds: The player skill rating for Cricket. The calculation is total marksScored, divided by the total darts thrown, and then multiplied be three.

  11. Charter operator/coop league systems are required to specify on each entry the league format under which their players/teams qualified if it is other than ’01 any in,any out, 50 point bull. (Example: double in, double out, split bull, etc.)

  12. Players/teams must have ’01 stats to compete in a ’01 event and cricket stats to compete in a cricket event.

  13.  Players/teams with ’01 stats other then any in, anyout, 50 point bull. Must play in thehighest skill level available for that event for tournament play. Unless authorized by thetournament committee prior to the tournament.

  14. More than four players are allowed on a four person team providing all other criteria are met. Teams with more than four players may rotate players from matchtomatch.The four players that start a match must finish that match. The tournament committee reserves the right to rule on cases with extenuating circumstances.

  15. There are no subs allowed for any singles or doubles events.

  16. A doubles team may be comprised of any two players from within the charter holder/coop league system as long as all other eligibility requirements are met.

  17. The tournament committee reserves the right to place players/teams of known ability in their appropriate division.

  18. There will be no releasing of tournament player average ratings to players or teams.Division “break points” may be posted.

  19.  Tournament prizes (cash and awards) will only be awarded to eligible tournamentparticipants who have completed their assigned matches and have followed thetournament formats set forth.

  20. Definition of League Play being defined as: Only 1 scheduled league night during a 7 day period.

  21. Players may only be listed on one certificate per event. Any player found listed on more than one certificate per event will be disqualified from the Tournament. Any player found to play on a team that was not listed on that teams certificate will be disqualified from the tournamentalong with the rest of the team members for a period of 2 years.

  22. Team Event: If you have more than 4 players listed on your team certificate, each of them must play in at least one of the round robin matches in order to be eligible play in the finals for that event.