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2014 Results

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Referees will be the MOMA operators and coordinators or make your own sportsman's call.

Singles Events

  • Ladies A - Race to 3
  • Ladies B - Race to 3
  • Ladies AA  Race to 4
  • Ladies Master race to 4
  • Open C-    Race to 3
  • Open B -   Race to 3
  • Open" A  - Race to 4
  • "Open" AA - Race to 5
  • Open Masters - Race to 5
  • Team Events - All Divisions will be a "Race to Points".
  • "Open" A and B - 20 game format
  • "Open" AA and Masters - 25 game format
  • All Ladies 16 game format

Players need to be at there matches 1/2 hour before their schedule match. Score cards need to be returned to the scores desk ASAP to keep the tournament running on time.

The Operators have done their best to put individuals and teams in the correct divisions. Thanks to many players that have helped their operators to place these people. Now is the time to enjoy the tournament.

Any other questions, please use your league operator first.The email

The MOMA operators are trying to give its players the most information possible to assure a fun and fair tournament.