The D&R/Star 8-Ball League (hereafter known as the League) will consist of men & women players organized into teams of regular scheduled competition.



1.   Any D&R/Star and Valley 8-Ball League sanctioned cardholder shall be

Eligible to participate in and receive stated rights of the League and shall

Be governed by the rules therein.

League Rules & By-Laws

The D&R/Star 8-Ball League (hereafter known as the League) will consist of men & women players organized into teams of regular scheduled competition.


1. Any D&R/Star and Valley 8-Ball League sanctioned cardholder shall be

Eligible to participate in and receive stated rights of the League and shall

Be governed by the rules therein.

Captains Duties

1. He/she shall be present or send an acting captain to all League meetings.

2. The Captain shall instruct his/her players as to all League rules and requirements.

3. This Rule and Guideline Book is your responsibility, have it available at all League matches.  Leave it in your League packet.

4. Make out match score sheets.

5. The captain shall collect all league money due the night of play.

6. Sign score sheet and verify amount of money and match scores with opposing team captain.

7. You or a team member observes team matches.

8. The captain will submit a team roster the first night of play, with a list of the regulars and subs.  A complete roster of names, addresses, player card numbers and phone numbers must be sent to the league secretary the first night of play from both home & visiting Teams.  The Captains may add or delete to their roster until the half way point of the season.  After the half, new players must need the approval of the President of that league or League director..

9. If you are the “home Team” you are responsible to get the envelope (scores and money) to the Leagues designated drop-off location. A $5.00 fine will be assessed against your team if your team envelope is not drop-off at designated location the same night of play.

10. If your opponent is about to shoot his/her balls and the shot is questionable, it is your responsibility to ask the Team Captain or designate a player from each team to referee the shot.

11. These are your League rules and By-laws unless they have been modified at your League’s meeting.

12. Designated drop-of location will be assigned by D&R/Star.


Officer & Board member Guidelies

  • The League cannot make the policy; The League can only enforce policy setup by the league sponsor D&R/Star or National Charter Organization.
  • League Officers and Board Members must be active players from within the League they are members.
  • D&R/Star is a permanent member of all player boards as an officer with full voting privileges and rights.
  • All Leagues within D&R/Star systems have EQUAL VOTING RIGHTS on all League and Player Rule Guidelines and By-Laws.
  • D&R/Star has the final authority on all League rulings.
  • D&R/Star League Officers and Committee Members must have a D&R/Star representative co-sign on all commitments for the League, (banquets, trophies, etc).
  • D&R/Star and League Officers cannot commit League funds without the approval of the League Members at the fall organizational meeting.

Duties & Term of Office (President/Vice President)

  • League President:  He or She shall preside at all Board meetings called by the President or Director of the League for the following:


1. League Rule Interpretations

2. League Rule Infractions

3. Protests

4. Banquet Committee

5. Trophy Committee

6. Tournament Committee


  • Term of office for the President  & Vice President –Can be appointed by league Director or voted on as needed.

Secretary/Treasurer Duties

1. Records all statistics for the League

2. Deposits all League money in the named League Savings and/or Checking Account.  This money to be deposited on a weekly basis.  D&R/Star must be listed on this account.

3. Send weekly statistics to D&R/Star on player and team feats.

4. Notifies the League President that a League Board Meeting needs to be called

5. Keeps The players informed on any rule changes or procedure

Board Member (player)

1. Board members are elected for a one (1) year term and may be re-elected each year

Board Member (Bar/Owner/Manager)

Board Member Definition:

1. Must be a player

2. Should have a Board Member from each division within the League

3. Board Membership should not be larger than seven (7) members

  • Thank you for serving on the Player Board.

League Objective

1. To promote sportsmanship, goodwill and unity among players of the game of 8-Ball

2. To offer rules, methods, scoring procedures and standing reports to enhance the sportsmanship of the game so it may be played in an organized, competitive manner

3. To safeguard League funds through security regulations, including the appointment of a League Secretary/Treasurer

4. To promote business and goodwill for the Sponsor and Franchise holder

Regulations & Rights

1. Upon acceptance of League fees, Sponsors, the Franchise holder, teams and individual

Players shall be entitled to the rights of, and be subject to, league rules, By-laws and

Regulations as established by the League.

2. To assure good sportsmanship, a team or individual may be expelled by Board vote for unbecoming conduct, poor sportsmanship or any other good reason considered detrimental to the League.

3. Sponsors shall be responsible for organizing the franchised team(s).

4. Sponsors shall provide the table(s) at the designated time, and he/she shall retain the right to remove players (whether from their own team or the opponent’s team) from the Sponsor establishment.

5. A player may be added to a team roster at any time if properly approved by the Board and provided such player is not a regular player for any other team in that same League during the current season.  If any team is dissolved during the season, its players may join other teams in the League unless the dissolution of the team is due to unsportsmanlike or other unacceptable conduct.

6. No player can be added to a team after the half way point of the season except by majority approval of the Board 24 hours prior to a scheduled match.

7. All players must be at least 21 years of age to play in a D&R/Star League.

8. The League is a non-profit organization.  It shall have three (3) Officers and Board Members elected annually.  A majority vote of all League Members is required to remove an elected official.  League funds will be paid out 100% at season’s end, less trophies (awards), Secretary/Treasurer fees and League expense (postage & sanction fees).

9. All checks must be signed by both the Secretary/Treasurer and D&R/Star representative before funds may be disbursed.

10. The League may employ the Secretary/Treasurer and pay him/her from League funds if approved by the majority of the League Captains and D&R/Star.

League Awards Committee

The committee will be elected by the Board and Team Captains.  This committee will decide on the types of awards, trophies, banquet and how much money is to be spent on such items.  It shall be returned to the individual teams or Leagues in accordance with the player’s agreement.  All expenses for awards are paid for from League funds.  Teams shall receive their money according to schedules established by the National Committee and D&R/Star.


1. Schedules will be posted by the League Secretary.

2. All rescheduling of games must be by mutual consent of both Team Captains and the location owner.  Rescheduled games must be made up before the next scheduled League game is played.

3. In an emergency, opposing Captains may also delay or reschedule their games by mutual consent.  The game must be made up before the next scheduled League game is played.

4. When games are not played, whatever the reason, all fees, including those due the location owner and those due the League Treasurer, must be paid by both teams to receive any further points.

5. Under extenuating circumstances, the League Secretary/Treasurer may schedule makeup games.  The matches may be made up by the next week or added to the end of the season.

6. In the event of inclement weather, D&R/Star will not cancel pool matches.  The opposing Captains will be responsible for contacting each other and working out a suitable time for a make-up match.  If they are unable to reach each other, you must call the bar location where the match was to be held and leave your name and phone number.  No matches will be forfeited due to “storm” related postponements.

League Champion

League Champions will be Determined in the Following Manner:

1. In a split season, if there are two (2) different winners there will need to be a play-off for 1st place only. 2nd place on down will be determined by total wins.

2. In a non-split season, the team with the most wins will be the League champion.

3. In the event that two (2) or more teams have won the same number of matches, the team with highest number of points will be the League champion.

4. If matches and points compiled by any two (2) teams for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place positions are equal, the teams involved will play-off to determine final position in the standings.

5. Teams who either quit or are expelled from the league shall forfeit all prize money that they have contributed to the cash prize fund.

6. The forfeited prize money shall be left in kitty to be paid back to the remaining teams in the league.

7. Teams scheduled to play a team that drops if no team is replaced it becomes a bye).

8. If it is practical and possible the league director shall write a new schedule when a team withdraws.

Play-offs (Tie Breakers)

Split Season Play-off & Tie Breaker Method:

a. All matches must be played at one of the two Sponsor locations, or a neutral site.  Teams will flip a coin, once for home position and second for home team on score sheet.   The play-off or tie breaker match for 1st place will be played according to the normal League game format for your respective League—9, 15, 16, 20, or 25 game format. If this play-off match ends with a tie on the total points, round wins of the match will then determine the winner of the play-off.  If after the last round of the match and the game is still tied, teams must re-play the last round using the same line-up.

b. Every effort needs to be made to have the match played as soon as possible.  (7 days would be the maximum time allowed).  The League Secretary would need the results in order to compute final standings for the League.

c. All players playing in a play-off must be a member of that team and have a minimum of 10 weeks of league play.

Sanction & Tournament Information

1. Annual sanction fees per player as specified by D&R/Star will be subtracted from team money by the League Secretary/Treasurer during the League season.  This money will be forwarded to the National sanctioning body prior to the deadline date for sanctioning players.  New players added during the season need to be sanctioned before their scores count.  The Secretary/Treasurer will deduct the fee from the team money.

2. Team players must complete (12) weeks of a current League season to be eligible for the D&R/Star Team Tournament.  A team having only 4 players available may pick a player from the League they are in as long as he/she is sanctioned and has played EIGHT (8) weeks of the current League season.

3. The D&R/Star Leagues and VNEA are amateur League programs; therefore, any player who is ranked as a professional player is not eligible for any D&R/Star Singles or Team competition.

4. During D&R/Star Singles Tournament, players must have played at least TEN (10) weeks of the current season to be eligible.  This can be accomplished for Team or Singles Tournaments by playing in different Leagues.

Team Matches

1. A team match varies between a 9, 15, 16, 20 and 25 game format.  Starting players from each team must play all assigned games and retain their positions in the line-up and follow the player rotation schedule!

2. Each team will have a Captain present at each team match played.  The Captain or acting Captain will check and sign the score sheet.

3. The Captains or acting Captains from each team will try to settle any disputes that may arise during the match.  All disputes that cannot be worked out by the two Captains at the match will be turned over to the Board for a ruling (in the form of a protest)!

4. The normal grace period to start a match is 15 minutes, which means you must have at least three (3) regular players to start a match 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time, unless both Captains agree to start the match.

5. The team Captains should select a player to watch individual matches, and to act as referee after the players call fouls or to make the final decision on close hits.  The player referees should rotate from each team watching the matches.


4. Substitutes – each team may use up to two (2) substitutes to be entered into the team’s match line-up prior to the start of play.  In the event that a regular member of a team is not available for the match, a substitute may be used.  If a substitute starts a match that substitute must finish the match.

5. A player may play in more than one (1) League but must remain in the same skill level or higher.  ‘A’ – ‘AA’ – ‘B’ – ‘C’.  For example:  a player with a skill level of ‘AA’ cannot play on a level B or C team.   A player can always play UP a skilllevel but NEVER DOWN.

6. Substitutes must come from the bar sub list that is kept up on a monthly basis by the League Secretary/Treasurer.  You may sub up a division/level but never down.  If your rating is questioned, it will be decided on by the Board or League Officers as to where you belong.  You should know what division you play in. If this rule is contested by any opposing team and found to be violated, the games will be forfeited.  After six (6) nights of play on the same team, substitutes will automatically become a regular sub for that team and may no longer sub for another team in that League.  (Use five (5) players as regulars or four (4) players as regulars, number of subs vary with your League format).  New player’s averages will be computed by the League Secretary after the first three (3) nights are played for all game formats.  When competing at the National level or Local Tournaments, teams must meet all eligibility requirements.


1. Line-ups will be placed on the score sheet by the HOME TEAM CAPTAIN FIRST!  The Captain of a team that is short players for a League match must notify the opposing team Captain before play begins.

2. In the event that a player(s) shoot out of turn and the game is finished the game counts and gets scored in the appropriate column provided these players have not played each other already. The game can only be replayed if the mistake is caught before the game is finished in which case you can re-rack and start over with the right players.

The Team

1. A team may consist of a combination of up to 10 players, five (5) regular and five (5) substitutes (it is not mandatory to have five (5) substitutes) depending on the format of your League.  In some cases, a four person team may be more appropriate to the area.  However, if competing at the National level, teams must meet all eligibility requirements.

2. Any team with only three (3) players available for the match will receive zero (0) points for each round the players are absent.  The opposing team player will receive 10 points for the game.  If the players arrive late during the match and their game in a round has been by-passed, they may shoot only the following rounds where their positions have not been by-passed.

3. Five (5) player teams must have at least three (3) regular players, unless approved by the Board before the match starts or team forfeits the match.  The 4-person mixed, men’s or ladies, 16 Round Robin format consists of six (6) players, four (4) regular and two (2) substitutes.  Teams must have two (2) regular players to play or team forfeits the match.

League & Tournament Teams (Open & Women)

League & Tournament Rules: ( Open & Women)

  1. Regular league play D&R/STAR has two adult divisions, Open & Women. The open division allows men & women to participate on the same team or against each other. There is no restriction on the number or percentage of women on any team in the open league.

Advancement in League Skill Level & Tournament Class

 Advancement Revision in League

  1. When a Team wins a League, it must advance to the next highest skill level if a higher level exists (example, B to A or A to AA).
  2. If it is a 5 person team and two or more members of that team remain, that team will be advance to the next highest skill level, if a higher level exists.
  3. If it is a 4 person team and two or more members remain, that team will be advanced to the next highest skill level, if a higher level exists.
  4. A Team may also be placed in a League Skill Level or Tournament Class based on known ability of its players.
  5. If Teams are very close in the Year End Standing for League Play, it could be possible that more than 1 Team would be asked to move up to the next highest skill level, if a higher level exists.

D&R/Star – MOMA- VNEA Tournaments

Tournament Requirements: (League Season Sept.-April)

1. D&R/Star Singles Tournament     (10) weeks of play in current League season

2. D&R/Star Team Tournament

All players must have a minimum of  (12) weeks of play in the current League season. A team is made up of 3 regular players and may draft two players from anywhere in the D&R league system. Ladies masters may play in open A or Higher.  Only one (1) Master player on an ‘AA’ division team. All players and teams subject to review.

3. M.O.M.A. Singles/Team Tournament

All Players must have a minimum of 8 weeks of

League play in the current League season (32 plus games)

Teams may draft 3 for open team and 2 ladies team from

The same league. Players must be a current member of

MOMA sponsored league.

4. V.N.E.A. National Tournament

Players must play for current Charter Holder (D&R/Star) for 12 weeks A Player can not combine weeks with another Charter Holder. Two regulars can pickup 3 D&R players (2 for ladies)

Rules revisions


1.  If a player fails to hit the 8-ball while shooting at it, it is a foul and the

game continues. When the 8-ball is the legal object ball, a scratch

or foul is not a loss of game if the 8-ball is not pocketed or

jumped off the table. Incoming player has cue ball in hand.